Potatoes Africa is the marketing company of Super Spuds Seed Potatoes and Berg Potatoes. Our seed growers are based in Underberg in the Southern Drankensberg, the altitude, climate and soil makes it ideal for the production of virus free and good quality seed potatoes. Potatoes Africa only market and deal with registered seed growers who adhere to the highest quality standards. We plant our seed in spring from August to September and harvest it from January to June. It will be plant ready for our customers from April to October.We specialize in the development and marketing of seed potatoes to both the fresh market producers and processing industry. We will determine and source the correct seed potatoes for each climatic zone, and will conduct and implement various variety trails. We are currently involved in the following:

  • The multiplying of invitro plantlets for planting in greenhouses

  • The production of mini tubers G0 for own use and outside customers

  • The multiplying of Generation 0 to Generation 6 seed potatoes

  • Supplying of low generation plant material to fellow certified seed growers

  • We have cold storage facilities for 220000 bags of seed

  • Consultation work with seed, commercial and emerging farmers

  • The constant evaluation and trailing of both local and overseas varieties

  • Exportation of seed potatoes