Botanical properties

Growth habit: Plants are tall; stems erect, have good foliage cover

Flowers: Many white flowers

Tubers: Short oval to round tubers, with a smooth skin the skin and flesh are pale yellow

Agronomic properties

Growing period:  Medium 110 days

Yield: Medium to high yield potential

Tuber appearance: Mostly large tubers with a fairly regular tuber shape

Tuber dormancy: Short, 60 days from burn off

Consumer properties

Eating quality: Good. Floury cooking type.

Processing quality: very good. The dry matter content is high making it suitable for crisping and French Fries

Keeping quality: Moderate


Late Blight: Medium, controllable with a spray program

Early Blight: Medium, controllable with a spray program

Virus diseases: Moderate resistance to virus diseases

Common scab: Moderately resistant


This is an easy growing variety with good processing qualities. The resistance to common scab is also an advantage.