Botanical properties

Growth habit: Plants are medium to tall; stems erect, develop rapidly and give good foliage cover

Flowers: Few white flowers

Tubers: Oval, tubers with a smooth skin and shallow eyes, the skin and flesh are light yellow

Agronomic properties

Growing period: Early to medium 90 days

Yield: Very high yield potential

Tuber appearance: Long oval shape shallow eyes

Tuber dormancy: Short to medium, 90 days from burn off

Consumer properties

Eating quality: Good. Firm cooking type. It is considered as a good all rounder that is preferred by housewives.

Processing quality: Not suitable for processing due to relative low density.

Keeping quality: Fair


Late Blight: Susceptible

Early Blight: Mildly Susceptible

Virus diseases: Susceptible to leafroll. Mild resistance to YM

Common scab: Good resistance


It is a very conventional and well known table potato. It is suitable for production under various growing conditions, with high yielding potential